We were mostly inspired by the instant messaging server we were working on as our coursework, and we decided to add a bit of a fun functionality to it.

What it does

Whatever message you send to the server automatically gets sent as a request to a translator API, and the server distributes the translated message to everyone on the server.

How we built it

Everything is done in python, with libraries like server and urllib2 responsible for most of our functionality.

Challenges we ran into

There weren't many yodaspeak translator APIs left running and free to use, and figuring out how to use the APIs in general was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've made it working somewhat fluently, and the fact that we've accomplished in making what we actually wanted to make feels like a good enough accomplishment.

What we learned

We've learned about how to use APIs via sending http requests, and how to deal with what's returned from the request. (simple JSON parsing)

What's next for yodaBabble

Adding more supports for other languages, refining the user UI, potentially translating it into a GUI application, finding a better yodaspeak translator API that's more reliable.

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