We wrote this app in a weekend. We laughed a lot. It was fun developing with Yo, and we will consider using it for other projects and hacks.

The hack idea is inspired by iClicker. No big mystery there. Cool thing is you don't need an account to vote, you just need Yo.

Target users are students, clubs, or whoever uses polls. You are doing an event or streaming? You can also use it. You are hosting a hackathon and want people to vote on the coolest hack? Doing a conference and want to do a quick survey? YoClicker is your thing.

We were going to add geopolls (polls that require you to be in the area/location to vote), but we didn't have enough time.

Highchart.js for result visualisation is great. Python and Flask for the backend, which will eventually get rewritten in Go. Redis for the polls (though much work needs to be done here, a lot of stuff is in-memory :3 ).

In conclusion, we really loved hacking this out during the weekend and want to make it grow!

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