To sign up just add YOBREADCRUMBS to your Yo app and start sharing your location by double taping on YOBREADCRUMBS.

User History Map - Go to{Yo Username} to see a user's location history on a map. The default view shows the user's entire location history but you can select a start date and end date to see a specific subset of that user's location history. Example link.

Most Recent Location - Go to{Yo Username} to see just that user's most recent location on a map. Example link.

Live Map - Go to for a "live map" that anonymously shows when any users share their location in real-time. To watch it in action, open the live map on your computer and then share your location on YOBREADCRUMBS. (If the map is empty then no one is currently sharing their location.)

"Following" a User - If you want to be Yo-lerted whenever a particular user updates his/her location, just send{Yo Username} to YOBREADCRUMBS. Whenever that user updates his/her location you will get a Yo from YOBREADCRUMBS as well as a link to{Yo Username} to immediately see the new location of that user. If you want to "unfollow" someone then just send{Yo Username} to YOBREADCRUMBS again and it will turn off the alerts about that user.

API - Go to{Yo Username} to get a JSON output of a user's location history for developers who want to do something besides put this data on a map. Example link.

Please note: I was told that we don't need a video to enter to this app challenge but apparently you do need a video link to submit this online form. So, I just quickly threw together the attached video from my images / screenshots.

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