yoBowl in a sentence

A pet's bowl which YOes the owner when it's empty

and in a few more

From the first moment we stumbled upon the Yo App challenge we knew we wanted to implement a KISS (keep it simple stupid) solution to our everyday life. Something which will be helpful not only for us but for others as well.

As pet owners (a cat for Igor and a dog for Alik) we were inspired by the simplicity of using the Yo App as an event based alert system for our pets water and food bowls. Adding an uncontrollable attraction to the IoT revolution meant we had no choice but to create yoBowl.

As computer geeks with no electronics experience, we started researching ways to sense our bowls state and connect it to the internet using the simple Yo API. We implemented a publish-subscribe technique for owners to "subscribe" to the bowls they want to get informed with, by YOing it, and publish the state of the bowl to every owner who is interested (could be the entire family :) ) This was wrapped by a Raspberry PI b+ device we bought and learned to use with a prototype breadboard and FSR sensors in a simple electric circuit for reading the weight of the bowl.

Our target users are pet owners with a hectic lifestyle, who love their pets and want to make sure their pets get the treatment they deserve! The feature we are most proud of is connecting "simple" things in life such as pet bowls to their owner's second best friend - the smartphone.

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