Slaving over our keyboards really made us hungry.

We didn't want to take all the time to fill out an order form, because we knew what we wanted. We wanted to Yo our favorite place and get our favorite food, no questions asked, without any hassle.

So - we did.

Once you've got a Yo account on your smartphone, you can then go to and start creating your favorite order.

Then, send a Yo. to YO4FOOD and your order is on its way!

Now, with a new and improved UI! :D

HOW IT WORKS: Users download and create an account using the Yo app, then sign up at using a valid email address. After filling out delivery information along with their Yo username, they can configure a customizable food order from restaurants (yes, plural!) that deliver to their area using the API. Once a user is satisfied with their order configuration, all they have to do is send a Yo to YO4FOOD. Our server recognizes the input from their username, checks to see if a valid order is associated with that account, then passes their information along to and their food is on the way!

More information is available at and in the posted video.

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