Server down time is frustrating to both customers and server owners. Especially if the owner has no idea. Most web developers, like my self, have many services running around the clock and past projects tend to become out of the developers focus when he takes on new projects. With all of these distractions it is very likely that if a service goes down (and they do often) it can be down for long periods of time, giving frustration the customer and a bad rep to the developer. This happens often with young hackers or small businesses because they don't have the resources to keep a constant watch on these resources.

Yo, wuds up wid ur server? is designed to create an extremely easy, small, and always ready solution to this problem. With this service, a developer or server administrator is alerted of service down time with in seconds of the initial drop. Using the technology of YO, the person of concern will receive a straight to the point notification of the loss of service. The sooner the developer can get to fixing the cause of the problem, the more likely the customer will have no clue that down time is even a thing. Help me stop server down time across the globe!

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