Have you ever wanted to become a writer but could never find the inspiration to do so? If so, this is the website for you! With the help of your fellow YO-ers, you can co-author a story in seconds. Any surrounding YO-ers who YO at YOTELLMEASSTORY will have their usernames converted to English words and incorporated into a sentence in real-time, displayed on yotellmeastory.herokuapp.com. As the YO's come in, watch the story progress. Send a YO in when you think your username would add interest to it. Get a friend to send a YO when you think their username would be appropriate. Work together with the YO community to tell a unique and entertaining story.

In the backend, we run a node.js+express server running MongoDB to host the Yo Tell Me a Story services. We make use of MongoDB's geospatial search APIs to locate Yo's that are nearest to the user's location, as determined via the HTML5 Geolocation API. The stories are constructed from a custom implementation of a Markov chain, with frequency dependent edge-weights, to enhance our predictive capability and allow a more fluid story.

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