Have you ever wanted to take a walk on the unbeaten path? Document your running trail? Let your friends know where you are in a strange city? Or perhaps share your latest road trip with your friends?

What if we told you that all of that was possible with Yo? (It is!)

Yo Path allows you to map your trips and share them with friends, quickly and painlessly and with no additional apps required. Travel with style and travel with safety.

Installation and Setup

Get Yo for your phone.

Add the following three Yo accounts as friends:

  • startpath
  • plotpath
  • endpath

That's it!

How to use

  • To start recording your trip, send a Yo to startpath
  • To plot a point on your trip (do this occasionally!), send a Yo to plotpath
  • To finish your trip, send a Yo to endpath

After finishing your journey, you will receive a Yo that contains a link to your customized trip page, which includes a trail map and additional details.

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