Story: I started off this project by thinking about the Yo API and how it be extended. I wasn't quite sure what it might look like, but I wanted to begin, so I started working on the server-side code to handle the GET requests from Yo users and parse the latitude and longitude through the Google Places API to return a proper name. This took the majority of my time, but inspiration hit, as it usually does when I was hitting the wall late Saturday night.

My initial thought was to morph what I'd made into a motivation for hitting the gym, by counting the visits and 'yoing' friends when I'm at the gym, but then I realized that this had the power to encourage exploration. Ideas came faster than I could implement! Here's what I was able to finish by the end of the hackathon:

  • Setting up the server to receive callbacks
  • If you double tap a "Yo" to COINSYO, the location is saved in mongoDB. You now have a webpage to see future location Yos to COINSYO at (replace ASAPHY with your username to see your personal map!)
  • Yo Coin Chests! These you can see, but can't pick up yet. The idea behind this is to encourage exploration. By sending a "Yo" when you're close enough to the chest, you can get the coins inside!

Ideas to extend Yo Coin:

  • Finish implementing pickup Yo Coin chests
  • Improve website (Show # of coins, Leaderboard, # of Yos)
  • What can you do with coins? Yo swag? Personalized pages? Have merchants pay to have people Yo from their store.
  • Add social interaction! Giving bonus points for sending "Yo" next to a friend, add ability to see most popular spots, etc.
  • Continue testing.

Target User:

The target user is the adventurous, but also those who are looking for ideas for places to explore. Realistically, the target age range is teenagers of driving age and up. Merchants and people looking to connect with teenagers and young adults would appreciate this opportunity to connect with them.

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