We are a group that very thoroughly enjoys playing computer games. We got the idea for this game from sources of inspiration such as Factorio and Factory Idle.

What it does

It's a game! You can play it! In this game, you build pipelines to deliver materials to the goal. Things can get quite complicated later on in the game!

How we built it

This game was all programmed in Processing. Art was done in Graphics Gale, a pixel art drawing/animation software. Music was made in LSDJ.

Of course, version control was done with Github.

Challenges we ran into

The road of game development is almost always a bumpy one. There were many bugs and glitches we ran into along the way. The most frustrating mistakes were always caused by faulty merging using git. Our group lost many an hour and bore countless frustrated grimaces due to accidentally deleting work or duplicating code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having a product. We are proud of being able to turn this rather complicated idea into a (at least partially) playable game. We are proud of being participants in this wonderful event.

What we learned

We learned many different things along the journey of this project. We learned may specific details about how to use our tools more effectively - how to display sprites in Processing, how to play sound files, how to draw sprites, design a tutorial in a game, how to compose music, and any other things, as well.

What's next for Yipes!!! Pipes

We will probably leave Yipes!!! Pipes where it is after this hackathon. This was only meant to be a small project in the first place. We have no plans for the further development of this game.

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