As first time hackers we looked around the tech that was available and we looked into the Myo that had very cool gestures and applications. After playing around with the Myo, we initially started trying to understand the way it functions but then we thought to ourselves ... a week from now we won't have the Myo to continue our development so instead we thought of how we can still do something along the lines of gesture control but also have access to the hardware easily.

We then looked into using smart phones considering we have previous experience with sensors and actuators on the android platform. By playing with the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors we were able to recognize patterns in movements and see the possible features we could explore by moving the phone a certain way. We collected a lot of data and then processed this to the best of our use in order to create basic functionality with a native application (iTunes).

Target Users

The possible users will be anyone with a smart phone who wishes to explore different ways of interacting with applications through gesture control.

Key Features There are unlimited amount of features that you can use with the aid of the AppleScript. The one we were mostly excited about was interacting with our iTunes library through gesture control in order to play, pause and switch from track to track. This was possible through manipulating the script to function as desired.

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