Farmers find it difficult in determining the soil nutrients of a parcel of land they want to farm on, this may lead to losses and reduction in yield of their crops. To help stop this trend and also increase farmers productivity, we team Imagine X came up with the idea of creating a low cost device that farmers can use in measuring the soil nutrients called Yield-tron. This device helps to measure the soil nutrients of a parcel of land by measuring parameters such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture and soil ph. this will help the farmers to monitor soil nutrients, thus helping to determine which fertilizer to add, amount of fertilizer required at a particular time and giving the farmer the expected yield and income. The device also has a one time push button that helps to send notification and messages to potential buyers that a particular produce is available for sale. this will help the farmer to get his/her produce to the market in time and avoid waste. It also helps the farmers to monitor their farm even when they are not in the country.

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