Yield is a mobile application that utilizes BLE technology for cars and pedestrians to automatically detect each other when they are within 10 to 30 meters.

After opening the app:

  • choose if you are a driver or pedestrian For clicking pedestrian:
  • you are brought to a simple screen with one button (‘Yield’)
  • when you click this button, all cars within your detected proximity will receive a gentle audio push notification making making them AWARE that you are around or wish to cross the street. For clicking Driver:
  • the is meant to simply put down the phone after clicking driver (as to not promote ‘texting and driving’)
  • the app will automatically scan for pedestrians while your driving.
  • when one is detected and the pedestrian clicks the ‘yield’ button, you will receive a gentle audio push notification stating ‘yield' (making you AWARE)
  • when signed in as a ‘driver’ and your not driving (ex: at a red light or parked), you are brought to a simple list view which displays a list (count) of pedestrians/bikers/skaters in the area, so you know to be careful when you pull away (and you know what TYPE of pedestrian to be AWARE of).

This solution will greatly increase driver ‘AWARENESS’ for pedestrians on the road (especially at night), as it provides the ability for pedestrians to ‘notify’ drivers of their presence, PRIOR to any visual appearance. (as well drivers will automatically detect pedestrians in the area)

This algorithm for an automated BLE proximity-based solution (without the need for bluetooth 'pairing’), has a faster detection/response rate and is much more energy efficient than any location-based service algorithm (GPS, check-in, etc.) currently utilized in the market, for any industry.

NOTE: This solution is to be utilized by BOTH drivers and pedestrians, however I am unsure as to which ‘type’ to submit as (but it is definitely for both). Hence, I am submitting this solution TWICE, once for each type: ‘Solution for drivers’ (Yield! (d)) and ‘Solution for pedestrians & cyclist’ (Yield! (p)), as this app is meant to be utilized by both for automated detection. I would like to make you aware of this, as to be sure I am not disqualified for submitting the same solution twice.

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