Helping other students save up

What it does

Takes a picture, runs it through google's vision api to determine what it is, then runs through google's custom search engine api for deals online, then displays it to users in an instant

How we built it

Built with react-native as the client side that renders the ui, which would invoke api calls when triggered to our backend server, which is built with node.js and express.

Challenges we ran into

Not enough time to ensure accuracy of data displayed to users, which resulted in a few hard coded components we wished we had more time to work on. Not knowing React native and node.js certainly hindered the progress, spent a majority of the time just trying to connect the client side to the server side

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built something

What we learned

node.js, React native

What's next for YHunt

Expanding the variety or range of products YHunt will be able to provide their price compare service to, and also have the ability to share their biggest 'steal' of the day to other people for gloating purposes.


If it crashes, try rescanning! Still buggy, would love some feedback!, sorry! Thanks!!

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