Feeling chilly? Looking for some warmth from a hug?

YHug helps match you with others nearby who are also seeking a hug. By tracking your location through your browser, YHug will only match you with others within a five minute walk. After finding you a match, you'll share your location and phone number -- then, it's on you to meet up for a hug.


What if I move locations and am no longer looking for a hug? You can cancel your request at any time. Simply click the "No hugs for me!" button and we won't match you up with anyone.

What if I don't want to hug my matched hugger? No worries! Cancel the request, and we'll take you off the matching queue. We'll also put your matched hugger back on the queue, so you don't have to worry about leaving him or her unhugged.

Do I have to share my phone number? You don't need to share your phone number until you accept a match. We only share your phone number with people you are going to meet up with after you've both accepted the hug match.


Demo: www.yhug.me

Source Code: https://github.com/katexyu/yhug

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