YHOCODE (Youth Helping Others with CODE) was born of the belief that no matter how young you are, you can make a difference in someone's life. Building a tool for the disabled citizens was a way to help a group of people that are often thought to not have control of their destiny. We wanted to give them a tool to allow them to build a positive image for themselves to share with employers.

EmPowered (www.yhocode.com) allows the user to upload not only a resume, a video of them completing their skills, it gives the user the ability to share that information with their support team members. In addition, it allows them to share other great things about them that may not be conveyed via a paper resume.

We used Wordpress as the main tool to develop EmPowered. In addition we used a MySQL database to hold the applicant account information and files.

Our major challenge was the date change for development. It made us take a shorter direction in our development and left us with many opportunities to create more features.

We are proud that our members grew in the development process. The team leader was able to mentor and teach all members aspects of web design during this process. Two of our members were 12 years old and had never programmed before. They documented requirements, build several pages, contributed to color design and tested our products. Our 15 year old member did webpages and some of the backend MySQL database work which she had never done before. Lastly, our 14 year old member worked with HTML forms which he had no prior experience doing.

We learned to be flexible and to evaluate ways to complete projects faster. The team leader used an Agile Development Process to build and complete this project with the help of eager teammates.

YHOCODE hopes to continue to improve our website and possibly create other projects together at the next HACC Hackerthon.

Team Members: Team Leader and Backend Developer: LeNyia Preston Co-Lead and Wordpress and MySQL Developer: LaMia Preston Worpress Developer: Dylan Merkel Requirements Engineer and Wordpress Developer: Nicole Buyukacar Tester: Tyler Buyukacar

Access Application: Log On and Register an Account: www.yhocode.com Hosted by: GoDaddy Framework: Wordpress Code Used: CSS, PHP, HTML Tool: Ajax Code Used: Database: MySQL Submitted PROJECT to: DevHub: EmPowered Description, Empowered ReadMe, Empowered Team Members, zip file of source code GitHub: Zipfile of Source Code, Empowered Readme

START USING EmPowered NOW: www.yhocode.com

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