Our employment agency receives everyday some reference letters from employers but most of them are not kept properly by domestic workers, preventing them for being able to display their skills and get better salaries

What it does

The prototype allows a domestic worker to submit a reference letter or a work permit. Ou our agency then verify the validity and authenticity of these documents and issue the VCs. The domestic worker could then share the reference letter with our job portal or any other agency. She could also share her work permit with third party service providers (Telcom, insurance companies)

How we built it

2 user roles: domestic worker (holder) and agency (issuer/verifier)

Challenges we ran into

Setting up Huawei cloud

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hosting the app as well as the relational database on Huawei

What we learned

Diversity of VCs and use cases; ease to set up an application

What's next for you

Allowing employers to submit a reference letter via an online form, enabling the MyInfo integration to verify the user, and link the credential with the holder. Exploring integration with our mobile app project

Built With

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