Welcome to yHealth?


11/9/16 The day that will live in infamy. But aside from the results there are a lot of pressing questions about the future of healthcare based on our president-elects promises. If all/portions of the Affordable Care Act are repealed on 01/21/17 the most advantageous course of action is to get as many people registered by the end of Open Enrollment (which will guarantee coverage for at least a year to those most vulnerable).

What it does

Using yHealth? we answer the question of which health and/or dental insurance is best for you in a given area (using geolocation). To do this we inform the user of the price and copay estimates based on limited personal information. We also use augmented reality to visually inform the user of which healthcare institutions/providers accept the insurance of their choice. Nothing is purchased via our app. This is purely for healthcare education.

Challenges I ran into

We finished the app. Xcode was being the usual pain that it is.

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