What is yHaCkSlAcKpAcK?.

A collection of slack integrations to make your life easier and your work flow-ier. Interactions with the external services are text-based, via a bot. There are 3 integrations provided out-of-the-box, but they're all built on a framework that makes it easy to add more. All you need is an API (and some python)!

P.S. working code is in the working branch on our repo


Venmo...through slack. It works. You have no excuse for not paying your boss for lunch.


Swipe right without taking out your phone. Uses Facebook for authentication.


It's like Uber for Uber, through Slack.

This feature is still under development

Authors and Contributors

Sanders Lauture @golf1052 Andrew Knueven @knuevena Tevin Otieno @tevin-otieno

Created at YHACK 2015

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