DRIFT is a web app designed for college students and young adults who want to party safely. With a need for 21st-century solutions to common dangers associated with parties, like alcohol overdose and sexual assault, Drift presents young adults with an effective way to stick together in the excitement and chaos of parties and social gatherings. Offering easy-to-use functionality that enables friends to form party groups in advance, keeps track of partygoers on a map, and with options like the “panic” and “emergency contacts” button, Drift is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy a night out knowing their friends have their back.

What it does:

DRIFT keeps track of your friend group at parties to ensure that no friend gets left behind. If a member is noticed leaving the party, all friends will be notified of their location and vice versa. DRIFT keeps track of member's last known location for the entirety of the party and implements additional safety including a PANIC button and emergency contacts.

How we built it:

Using HTML, CSS and Javascript and uses the Twilio, ipgeolocation and google maps API's to send text messages and keep track of locations, respectively. The site is currently hosted using Google Cloud's Firebase.

Challenges we ran into:

Implementing a database with Firebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We believe this kind of technology can really make a positive impact on the safety of our and the upcoming generations and we hope to see this project grow in the future.

What we learned:

How to use Google's Firebase!

What's next for DRIFT:

Database integration, more accurate location tracking.

note: designed for smartphone use so UI appears best when opened on phone (or scaling to a smaller size)!

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