The purpose of this project is to provide students a way to shop in a cheap and also convinient way.

Technology Used- Google Cloud API - Vision

Implementation Report- -with the help of google cloud vision api we have transformed a receipt into text and then by crawling the text we have created a json file which will contain item and their price in a (key,value) format. - The file will also contain the address of the store.

Effect - Students can find the products they are looking for the cheapest price or the nearest store.

Created by:

        Sougata Dafader (dafader.s@husky.neu.edu)

        Athul Karthik (muralidharan.a@husky.neu.edu)

        Zihan Liu (liu.zihan@husky.neu.edu)

        Mansi Kulkarni (kulkarni.man@husky.neu.edu)

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