We're told that networking is a vital skill, a necessity if you will, for getting jobs and building business relationships. We think so to as Gen Y'ers, but the process for exchanging information needs improvement. Business cards are marginally effective. People lose, run out, and forget these little paper reminders. NFC technology is great but let's be honest, how often do people bump their phones to exchange contact information? That's just awkward and so is asking for contact information in general. That's why we're excited to introduce Leaf, a wearable wrist-worn device that detects when two users shake hands for the first time. The bracelets exchange user IDs which are then stored in your mobile phones and sent to a web server. The Leaf application can be opened at a later time for users to revisit their conversations and share, at their convenience, any or all of their social media networks. The purpose of Leaf is to allow people to focus on what's important, the conversation. Leaf does the rest so you'll never have to spend minutes, which add up, manually entering contact information into your phone. Never worry about forgetting to bring, exchange, or run out of business cards. Our target market includes event and convention based communities, i.e. hackathons. The Leaf bracelets will be distributed to all of the attendees, much like a badge would be handed out at the beginning of the event. There is incredible potential with what we can do using a mobile app to help guide attendees and keep track of the people they meet as well empowering users to have control of what they share with their new connections and never missing an opportunity to build a lasting relationship. We hope you share our vision with Leaf. The natural way to connect.

Our Project uses the Pebble smart watches paired with an Android application. We also used a Node.js backend to send data from the watch and phone for processing. There is bi-directional communication via the Android app as well as the Pebble Watch.

Use Case:

  • Two users who have never met shake hands for the first time. They have already signed up on the Leaf mobile application which stores their name. After the handshake is detected by the Pebble watch it sends the user IDs to the phone which is redirected to a Node backend server for comparison to see between which two people the handshake took place. The server then returns to both user's Android applications the person's name they just shook hands with. The Pebble then displays the other person's name so you don't forget who you're talking to.
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