The dosage information on medicine bottles are too small for the elderly to read. Also, a lot of people have too many medicines to find the needed one quickly.

What it does

Take a photo of dosage information on medicine bottles, convert it into bigger legible texts. Can also store the name and dosage info into your own personal database of medicines.

How I built it

Created and connected five activities using Android Studio. Query database using MySQL and python.

Challenges I ran into

Spent much time trying to access to the camera and to use Google Cloud Firebase and Vision API in ML Kit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Didn't give up when overwhelmed by bugs and new tools. Asked Google Cloud mentors for help when needed.

What I learned

Android Studio, Google Cloud Firebase ML Kit

What's next for YHack2019-Medi

Access to the camera, integrate Google Firebase Vision API

Built With

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