Originally, we were going to try an education hack that would help students with studying for their finals. This was inspired off us having our own set of finals coming up soon and the idea was that students could write their own study guides and submit them to have other students (preferably taking the same subject) take a look at their material. The thought process was that both parties could benefit: the people writing these study guides have to reaffirm what they've learned in order to write the guides and answer any criticism/questions about what they've written and the people who came online to find a study guide would, well, have a study guide. Ultimately, we scrapped this idea since we found there to be a few too many similarities with existing education technologies and came up with the idea we have now.

Time and time again, my parents and millions of people around the world undertake the tedious and daily task of making shopping lists. These lists range everything from grocery shopping, event shopping, ingredient shopping for family recipes, Costco shopping, pharmaceutical shopping, etc. Even after taking out valuable time to reassess the current affairs of their household to make a simple list, these same people bring home the goods and reenter their state of blissful ignorance. Our application was built to tackle this lack of knowledge of the state of perishable and usable goods in one’s household. Using an intuitive and minimalistic user interface, our application is able to track the items in a household, keep track of when they will expire, and calculate (with a reasonable degree of accuracy) how long it will take for the people to finish their products. Moreover, when these same, but now informed, people take the streets to shop once more, they will be able to compile lists that tell them exactly what they need and what they have of the items on their list. This will lead to healthier, more efficient, more informed, and less wasteful lifestyles. Our application is not only scalable, but we also have many plans for its future. Collaboration and sharing of lists between users is soon to come, making it possible to exchange recipe lists or collaborate on getting items for a party or stocking up on household goods on a daily bases. The possibilities may be endless, but when our app lists them out, you’ll take full advantage of them.

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