JetBlue Lowest Fares and Deals

Machine learning predictor around lowest fares using JetBlue deals data.

Description: Given an origin, departure date, and return date, predicts the flight locations with the best JetBlue deals (i.e. lowest fare outliers on that route) using pre-trained Tensorflow models based on past JetBlue deals. Web application made using Flask.


  1. Clone repository.
  2. Navigate to repository in terminal.
  3. Run 'python'.
  4. Go to localhost:5000. Fill out the form for origin, departure date, and return date.
  5. Find your best deals!!! Go to the JetBlue website to see price. According to Zhengdong's calculations, program will return a cheap flight 87.18% of the time.

Made by Zhengdong Wang and Stanley Yu at YHack 2017!

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