Everyone in our group loves to travel and for us, it is a lifestyle. Most of the times, we know exactly where we want to go but there are often times we are very willing to explore new options and be surprised by options we may not have thought of.

What it does

Our app allows us to search for flights based on previous flight data that utilizes many parameters to find a flight that maybe a good match for us. Just put in what information you want to give, and we will surprise you with a trip to somewhere nice! We also give some more useful data like predicted weather and estimated cost of living which was outside of the given dataset. run $ npm start

How we built it

Used Express.js, Vue.js, and Node.js with the database done in MySQL. We hosted with AWS on Apache.

Challenges we ran into

Overall, not too bad but there were some major issues with team communication where we all had differing ideas for the final product. We also ran into issues with the wifi and managing our sleep situation while coping with server issues with AWS and dealing with some bugs on MySQL. Also, one of our member's computers refused to charge so that was a disaster kinda....

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In terms of reaching our base goals, we were able to meet them, all be it last minute. While we never quite got to hitting our stretch goals, I feel we learned a lot and I honestly had fun with our group. 1/2 of us were not developers so getting to teach them programming and having them learn while helping was a great experience.

What we learned

From learning about Machine Learning (though we never quite got to implementing it) and talking to different mentors who were able to fix some small problems we had, we learned a lot about the debugging process for code and towards the end, we were able to optimize our own debugging process that honestly saved us HOURS of time.

What's next for YHack-JetBlue-Challenge

I would love to tackle this challenge with the same team again just to see how much they can all improve in the next year!

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