The Travel Industry Issue

We have recognized that over the past history of travel and transportation, there has been something particularly missing. So far, many of the traveling based websites are focused on creating the best pricing models to attract potential customers. However, the one truth that many of them are missing is making the connection between the place and the people.

The Solution

Allowing the traveler to experience their destination before even arriving, is our main priority. We give travelers the chance to choose where they'd want to go and see based on past experiences from other travelers. The best way to encourage travelers to buy tickets, and improve impulse shopping is to show them what they're missing.

How It Works

Users can enter their desired city, and they will be showed a plethora of some of the best images from that location with their respective stories from people who have been there before. If you see pictures that you like, you can put it on a watch list. From the options of pictures that you select, we will curate a special package for you to visit these set places.

Travel shouldn't be about prices. Travel should be about the people, the stories, the journey!

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