I was frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t make any modifications on video lectures despite their outdated information or errors. When it comes to collaborative editing, text has huge advantages over video. Not only it is easier to modify contents, but it can be translated without the restriction of synchronization. The contents are fully searchable and they also can be skimmed very quickly. With the text-to-speech, the platform welcomes user with disabilities. It also welcomes users in poor countries that have inferior internet infrastructure because so little amount of data are transferred (in a magnitude of megabytes).

There are other wiki-based sites, such as Wikipedia, but you wouldn’t expect people to use TTS on it because the language is very dried and it will put people to sleep in minutes. YFunnel is going to be in a conversational language. It is all going to be all based on markdown language so that even a novice can contribute without the learning curve.

How it works

First find a topic that interests you. It can be from the front page or from the search engine. If you want someone to read it for you, install the chrome extension by clicking on the red button on the right hand corner. Now, whenever you open up a lecture, extra buttons will pop up on the left bottom and the computer will start reading it for you. You can either use these buttons or use keyboard to navigate the reading blocks or change the reading speed. The pane that shows up on the right is an experimental note-taking application. If you click on the discussion button on the top, it will take you to a corresponding discussion page.

It has advertisements from Target based on the keyword on the page. It caches the information on a database provided by ClusterPoint.

Challenges I ran into

Finding quality contents. I scraped contents from India Institute of Technology. These are still not very good, so I will start looking into other prestigious universities and do quality control on the contents.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If you sign up and click on the edit button, you can edit the contents in markdown with a preview pane side-by-side. You drag-and-drop to upload images and it will be inserted where you cursor is at. Although these seem like minor features, they are very handy for content creators.

What I learned

No one beat the contribution of many.

What's next for YFunnel

  • There are a few bugs here and there that needs to be ironed out.
  • The Text-to-speech and the Note-taking-App will be supported in the web application instead of needing to install the chrome extension
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Importers so that people can import html, docx or pdf files.
  • Personal pages

Please let me know if you are interested in this project. My email is

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