YesGain is Tutoring management and Administration tool. Teachers and Students are brought together into one common platform.

A Student uses Yesgain to attend or learn a course or request a material they want to learn. A Teacher uses Yesgain to arrange or teach a course at a specific time, location, and fee.

There are 3 basic functions Yesgain is supporting: 1) iTeach: for Teachers to post courses they want to teach or tutor. 2) iLearn: for Students to attend and learn the courses that fit their schedules. 3) iRequest: for both Teachers and Students to request a courses they want to teach or learn.

Additional features: 1) Instructor ratings 2) iFollow: to follow the class before attending 3) iHost: to teach the similar courses in your area. 4) Payment with Paypal: Fee that instructors are collecting from students.

Yesgain: 1) Enhance communication between a student’s school and home, or school and parent/guardian 2) Help educators to manage classrooms or student groups 3) Help Students to learn and request classes that fit their interests.

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