YesGain is a "Skills, Hobbies, and Knowledge Social networking" Web Application Business based in Silicon Valley, CA that is privately owned and operated by Andrew Nguyen (Founder), Huan Hoang (Co-Founder), and Drew Bertola (Founding Member). The website aims to connect people who want to share their skills, knowledge, and hobbies with other people who want to learn and brush up new skills quickly and efficiently. We (The founders),ourselves, were unemployed a few times so we know how exactly people feel when they are unemployed. Therefore, we built YesGain to help reduce the unemployment rate in America and to get people back to work.

Yesgain is an extremely useful platform for unemployed and disabled people who want to get back to work, improve their self-esteem, and increase their motivation. YesGain is also useful for those who would like to earn extra money by sharing what they know best. Other working people also use YesGain as a learning vehicle to brush up their skills quickly, efficiently, and affordably. The YesGain platform is useful for College Students who want to earn and save money by offering tutoring, arranging group studies, sharing text books, sharing lecture notes and many other activities. YesGain provides face to face, peer to peer, knowledge and skills sharing and a healthy learning environment. There are 3 basic functionalities for YesGain: Arrange, Attend, and Request 1) Arrange: A person who wants to share his/her skills and hobbies. They then can Arrange the session at any location, date, and posted fee per student. 2) Attend: A person who wants to learn a certain subject. They can then Attend the session at the location, date, and fee posted by the instructor. 3) Request: A person who wants to learn certain skills and hobbies, but they can’t find an exact class. They can then Request for the class that meets his/her requirement, location and fee.

At YesGain, we believe everyone must have some interesting skills, hobbies in which other people want to learn from and be willing to pay an affordable fee to obtain it. At YesGain, we want to turn everyone into "part-time teachers" to earn some extra money. At YesGain, we want to encourage everyone to gain new Skills efficiently by learning from those who have some real experiences to share. While using YesGain, people can improve their self esteem, increase motivation, and expand connections.

Using YesGain, people can work from anywhere, any location, anytime whichever is convenient. A teacher can arrange courses right at home or at any other public places which are safe and accessible.

Join YesGain to start teaching and learning today by sharing everything you know and signing up for classes to learn everything you have always wanted to know while expanding your network.

Our product is live and ready to user. We are working hard to roll out Yesgain for Colleges. Please visit

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