E-mail communication is antiquated. A lot of times we get e-mail that says "noreply" and makes you click the website and figure out how to communicate with the sender. Humans want to reply and with the help of IBM Watson, Office 365 API and GetResponse - you can actually do it.

What it does

People prefer to just respond to the e-mail and say: "unsubscribe", "I have some questions", "I'd like a group discount", "I am having a problem" we can classify the action and create entries in the CRM turning auto-response into actionable data!

How I built it

GetRespose to create a website and send out campaigns. Office 365 / Outlook API to get the e-mails:

Challenges I ran into

Office 365 connection was not easy, thanks for to the developer advocates on location for your help Training Watson

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Tying a bunch of API's together to provide a comprehensive solution.

What I learned

A simple use case sometimes is very complex when you try to solve it completely. Natural Language Processing seems easy, but it's not.

What's next for Yes, Reply!

Package the solution Improve the training for Watson Connect to more CRMs (Dynamics etc)

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