We will be creating an blockchain (not a pure Satoshi blockchain, but modified) using public/private keys instead of hashing. We will create a way for a Government authority to issue certifications to allow people to get authorized treatment, show those treatments to others, and show their essential worker status to others.

This is to help solve the European Union Trust-Id challenge below.

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A system for sharing, in a secure and convenient way, trustworthy information about you relevant for the management of Covid-19 crisis. This trustworthy information would be digitally stored as credentials / attestations issued to you by the authorities responsible for accrediting its validity and veracity. For example, this system would serve to prove to your HR department that you have gone through the disease and cannot infect other people, and therefore you can be sent back to work, by means of an attestation given to you by your hospital, or to justify in front of a policeman that you have not respected the confinement because you are part of the essential workforce, by means of an attestation given to you by your company.

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