Finding mental health treatments can be difficult, especially in today's technologically advanced society with so many possibilities. If you've wanted to address a mental health issue but have been hesitant to do so in person, simple software that is meant to help you navigate your mental health journey and take the uncertainty out of obtaining the help you need.

Yen in VNmese means an array of things from "peace" and "safe" to "stand still". Whether you need soothing reminders to mindfulness or you want to reflect your inner tranquility, this simple name will do it all.

What it does

yen is designed to help you feel better, whether you're wanting to better understand your feelings or you're suffering from anxiety, depression, or high levels of stress.

You may track your moods with yen. You'll have a greater understanding of how things like sleep, medication, and exercise affect your feelings over time.

The software recommends useful information and resources, including breathing exercises, learning how to knit, practicing mindfulness, etc., to improve your mood and mental health over time.

There's also a questionnaire/assessment feature to assist you estimate the intensity of your symptoms, as well as a number of articles and audio files to help you comprehend what you're going through.

How we built it

This project has been built with a lot of love, consideration to help others with their mental health using:

  • Flask
  • Bootstrap Component
  • Calendar JS
  • Weather API
  • Python
  • SQLite Database

Challenges we ran into

In our team, there's only one member that knows how to use flask and one other that knows how to use figma. It takes us a while to learn both of those to comprehensively create the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a functional website with the visual we intended. We are very proud of our product at the end.

What we learned

We learned new technology like flask and figma. We also learned how to implement weather api into our website. By working closely at a team, we can achieve new goals in a short amount of time.

What's next for yen - daily mental health tracker

yen is a promising product and we plan to build it further. Next on our list is implementing a database to

  • Store daily progress
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