Over time, our team has noticed a common trend amongst smart-phone users - a lack of interest in mobile shopping. We realized that in order to increase the overall enthusiasm in mobile shopping, there must be a user-friendly, customized experience for the clients. 

  Thus, we came up with Yen (which means strong desire/want) - a fun way to shop on your phone. A user can browse through the many categories we provide in our catalog - swiping right if they likes the product (adding it to their Yens), and left if they don't. Depending on what they like/don't like, we will show products which tailor to their interests. From their Yens (favorites) page, they can add items to their cart, and then make the purchases directly from our application (pay through PayPal, and soon Apple Pay) or through the vendor's website.

  Yen - the new way to shop remotely. Browse through our large catalog, add items to your Yen, and shop on!
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