Every business wants to grow. Few realize that Yelp not only grows your sales, it grows your personal wealth. We built YelpWealth into SalesRacer to prove to businesses they could keep customers happy and grow their business without putting themselves at additional financial risk.

What it does

A small business owner clicks one button daily.

YelpWealth guarantees the business will grow and shows the owner where it's grown.

How I built it

Objective C, C++, Cocos2d-x

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was optimizing the UI to communicate business metrics in a way that quickly generates emotions.

In theory, business owners would leave with the “why” motivation they needed to undertake regular missions that improve core business elements like customer retention, referrals, and profitability. “Our theory was correct.”

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Ability to predict cash flow, customer growth dynamics and customer value for almost any business with less than $1 million in revenue in three clicks.

  2. Combining gamification, fintech and psychology in a very unique way

What I learned

The most surprising thing we learned was that most small businesses in industries that get a lot of online reviews have very strong feelings about Yelp.

It was way easier to learn about the real issues impacting profitable growth by bringing Yelp into the discussion than it was to start talking about sales budgets and goals.

The other shocking thing we learned is that many small business owners that were clearly benefiting from review sites like Yelp or Google, had never posted a review for any of the small business services they used (such as their dentist, lawyer, favorite restaurant and so forth).

What's next for YelpWealth

Help almost every small business owner grow just by clicking our "Start" button.

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