Chomper refines the Yelp searching process and offers the potential for significant time savings by helping users to identify restaurants and businesses that are in the vicinity of the route they are traveling along, or to help to identify the most optimal locations for them to meet up with a friend between their respective locations.

Left pane: Travel inputs

1) Origin: Where you're coming from. Click the pushpin on the right of this form to choose your current location, or enter one of the following in the free text form

  • Your address
  • Your neighborhood (e.g., Capitol Hill, Washington, DC)
  • A nearby landmark (Union Station, Washington, DC)

2) Destination: Where you're going, or where your friends are coming from. Addresses can be entered in the same form as the Origin in 1)

3) Travel mode:

  • Driving
  • Public Transit
  • Walking

Right pane: Yelp search inputs

1) Cuisine: Choose from any of the 45 food-based businesses available in this dropdown

2) Search for: This selects the default symbology to be used in the mapped results

  • 'Best along route' shows the restaurants mapped based on Yelp rating, with no regard for what stage of the route these occur on
  • 'Closest to Route' shows the restaurants that are the least out of the way when traveling between the two points
  • 'Most centrally located' is ideal for finding a meeting spot for you and a friend
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