What it does

It helps you to bring Yelp results when you don't have internet connection.You will just send text message to service about what you are looking for.Yelp Me understands your need,searches in Yelp with Yelp API and returns results including address,map via text message.

How I built it

I used Yelp API for search results, Api.ai for understanding user's request in natural language.Also used Twilio API for interacting with user, for user input and project output.I used Google Maps to create static map for POI in Yelp results and attaching to response.

Challenges I ran into

Especially understanding natural language was challenge.Api.ai has nice features to handle it.

What I learned

Yelp API,interacting with different API's and how to create micro services.

What's next for Yelp Me

After showing all results,we can ask to user to enter one of result number as text message,and return more detail for specific result for this.

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