While this was assigned for a project, we had great freedom in choosing the topic. My group decided to work with API to create something that was useful and also practical. We decided to use the Yelp API because it seemed easy to use and relatively useful.

What it does

This web app takes in search terms and returns information about businesses. This information is presented in the different tabs, such as in a data table, map, comparison chart, and also graphs. If you want to learn more about businesses around you, then try it out!

How my team built it

We collaborated using github to develop this web app. This app is coded in R and then launched on using the Shiny and rsconnect packages.

Challenges I ran into

This project was most of my group members' first time working with version control to develop an app together. We often ran into merge conflicts. I was able to research and find ways to keep our project moving while resolving these conflicts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had about a week to develop this project and we created something we're proud of! At the project fair for our class, one of the TAs said she would use it. This was awesome to create something that a user might want to use!

What I learned

I learned the power of collaborative programming! If I worked on this alone, I would not have accomplished half of we were able to do in about a week. Working together on coding projects can be difficult but is definitely worth it.

What's next for Yelp Business App for Consumers

Since this was a class project, we will probably not continue development on this app. If users find our app and are interested in it, we would love to do some bug fixes and make it as functional as possible.

Built With

  • r
  • shiny
  • yelp-fusion-api
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