I have been following a Yellowstone Volcano blog and receive newsletters from the National Park Service.

What it does

Basic procedures for hiking in a national park and some insight into the parks volcanic origins PUBLIC LINK link

How we built it

First did a basic table of my own interests and what I thought might interest others.

Challenges we ran into

Gathering and sorting map related vulcanism resources. Looking online for open source art and images.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While I had built several static websites with other apps, This one was new to me.

What we learned

How important it is for a theme to be consistent throughout the website for continuity and to keep the attention of the viewer focused on the topic at hand.

What's next for Yellowstone National Park - Volcanic Origins

I will embed a chat interface to it and consider adding some geolocation or direction mapping resources to it as it is mobile capable.

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