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Getting Started


  1. Have WebStorm, Node.JS
  2. Open WebStorm, and git clone this project.
  3. In the root directory of this project, run the node package manager to install any dependencies listed in the package.json. npm install
  4. Run the program by running the Electron command. electron . ## Technologies Used ### Electron #### Setup
  5. npm:
  6. npm install -g electron --save-dev

Quick Start

  • Main Process
    • package.json's main --> the main process
    • script that runs in main proccess can display GUI via web pages
  • Renderer Process

    • uses chromium
    • each web page in Electron runs in its own process (the renderer process)
    • use Node.js APIs in web pages to interact with OS
  • Main vs. Renderer Processes

    • Main process creates pages by creating BrowserWindow instances
      • each BrowserWindow instance runs web page in its own renderer process
      • When BrowserWindow instance destroyed, renderer process also terminated
      • main process manages all web pages + corresponding renderer processes
      • render processes only care about page its running on
    • GUI related APIs in web pages not allowed (leak resources)
      • GUI operations on web page performed by renderer process communicating with main process
      • renderer process requests main process performs desired action
    • Communication between main process and renderer processes
      • ipcRenderer and ipcMain (inter-process communication) modules for sending messages
      • remote module for RPC (?) style communication

Write your First Electron App

  • Structure your-app/ ├── package.json ├── main.js └── index.html
    • package.json format exactly same as Node's modules
      • if main field is not present in package.json, attempts to load index.js
    • script in main field -> startup script of app runs main process
      • main.js creates windows and handle system events
    • index.js is the web page to be showed
  • keep a global reference of window obj, otherwise window will be closed when js garbage collected


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