Due to global climate change, the earth is facing hard times with an uncertain future unless humanity can unify to enact global change.

What it does

Your role as a member of the UN is to use your newly acquired power to shape world policy and save humanity from the end times. In this text-based educational adventure, tread lightly or you risk ruining the world's economy... or worse.

How I built it

We used C# and Visual Studio to make this console app.

Challenges I ran into

Git wasn't happy to be working with Visual Studio.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works! There were several unexpected aspects to this project that turned out to be harder than expected.

What I learned

Git wrangling and improving C# speed (if not quality).

What's next for Yeet the Earth

The game needs serious balancing to make it more enjoyable and realistic.

Built With

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