Yeek is the app that incites happiness through three key areas: Yeek It, Get Out, and Keep Calm; all of the previous, addressed with augmented reality.

After a research we did, we found out that the main activities that make people happier are the following: getting in touch with friends, giving and receiving stuff, going outside and taking some fresh air, exercise, relaxing, and meditating. Therefore, we integrated all of the above in the three categories mentioned before.

The first one, Yeek It, is a messaging platform where the user can send and receive messages and gifs anywhere on Earth with augmented reality. This allows the interaction between the user and his loved ones, encourages the giving/receiving feelings and favors relationships.

The second section, Get Out, is designed as a rally section. It has riddles or facts that the user must look around, therefore he will have to leave the place he is currently at in order to complete this section. The more rallies he explores, the better his profile will look. This promotes exercise and encourages the user to go outside.

Last but not least, the Keep Calm section is for those who like relaxing or meditating. There are different worlds to choose from. Each world has a different animation in augmented reality as well as a relaxing melody. The user will be able to pick his favorite and sit back and relax. We chose geolocation and augmented reality since they are trendy, exciting to look at and can really cause a feeling of happiness in anyone.

Try it know! Yeek it now!

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