Are you ready to find the yee to your haw? The Bonnie to your Clyde? Your life-long pardner?

Introducing YeeHawrmony, a dating app exclusively for cowgirls, cowboys, and non-binary folx.


Some notable aspects of YeeHawrmony include

  • Blockchain encrypted messaging for maximum security
  • Face detection in profile pictures to remove fake users (and give you a cool cowboy hat 🤠)
  • Swipe function to accept or reject potential matches
  • Functionality for folxs of all sexual orientations
  • Wild West inspired UI with dusty colors, backdrops, and original art

How we built it

We built this app entirely using React Native on Expo. On the server side, all user data is stored on MongoDB using Node.js and the messages are encrypted using blockchain on Solidity. To automate email authentication, we made good use of For the facial recognition, we used the Microsoft Azure Face API.

Challenges we ran into

Whether it was the multifaceted interface or the integration of blockchain, our plans for the application were limited only by the bounds of our imagination. Unfortunately, as a two person team, we found it difficult to make time for all of the ideas we had. In terms of technical difficulties, we ran into a lot of difficulty adapting the blockchain technology to a mobile application for the chat feature. Last but not least, we found that hacking remotely meant that we had to be heavily reliant on tunnels, screen shares, and live sessions. Although it worked out, there were definitely points where the setup slowed our progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is proud that we were able to work well together, overcome technical obstacles, and ultimately submit a product that is both playful and practical.

What We learned

"Prior to the event, I've only ever lightly touched front-end mobile dev. Throughout the weekend, I learned the ins and outs of the React-Native framework, specifically how to properly use styled components to make code more readable and succinct. I also had the chance to use Expo, Yarn, and Axios for the first time. 10/10 would do again!" -Anson

"I learned how annoying it can be to collaborate with someone with bad wifi. Jokes aside, it was really interesting to explore machine learning in a hackathon environment" -Jackie

What's next for YeeHawrmony

Minigames, expanded chat functionality, more cowboy puns - the possibilities are endless.

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