Accessibility to Open Source Software

What it does

Making open-source photogrammetry software more usable. We wanted to create a website that cranks out 3D models from 2D images that could be taken and downloaded while having GCP do the heavy lifting.

How we built it

We built a program that automates creating directories with UIPath, a staggering amount of times... infinite directories, infinite fun Golang Client and Server web sockets GCP vms, google cloud sdk Use of Team Viewer, to remote access to a powerful computer to stimulate real world application Validation through Python Scripts Websites using HTML, CSS Beautiful MLH Photo Setup

Challenges we ran into

GCP didn't have CUDA for Windows VMs Open-Source Software used didn't have a download for Linux and needed CUDA cores on Windows machines. All things we tried were initially jank, continued to be jank or do not yet exist. Name a challenge, we didn't face People cutting out our power, using half a laptop Little to no documentation, outdated and un-fixed documentation Lightning and determining perfect angles for the pictures.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementated Golang web sockets, Creating Dope 3D models from pictures, Killer Website, Getting comfortable-ish traveling UIPath and GCP

What we learned

UIPath Basics, Advanced CMD tricks, GCP, how to software

What's next for YeeHacks

Sleep Having models be added into Unity and interacted with Oculus

Built With

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