The rise of cryptocurrencies created a new realm of investment for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, the need for crowdfunding in crypto became quickly apparent, with more projects seeking funds to set up. Additionally, crypto investment's high-risk and high-reward nature called for the need to bring many investors on board to support new investments while spreading the risk. This scenario led to the birth of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017.

ICO projects involve offering investors tokens in exchange for funds to support the development of a crypto project. They allow users to invest early in the project. More than 200 crypto startups managed to raise more than $3.5 billion globally through ICOs in 2017 alone. However, there was the challenge of lack of control and investor protections. ICO projects were directly managed by the issuer’s website. Many ICO projects turned out to be scams, negatively impacting the crypto. This problem was persistent even with the introduction of the initial exchange offering (IEO), which involves conducting a fundraiser through a centralized exchange.
The arrival of the decentralized exchange (DEX), which aims to solve the centralization problem, gave rise to a new crowdfunding model, the Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

** What is Initial DEX Offering (IDO)? **

An initial DEX offering (IDO) is a crypto crowdfunding approach that works with DEX or a decentralized launchpad instead of centralized exchanges. The decentralized nature of IDOs neutralizes the threat of scams, which is common with ICO and IEO. Additionally, it allows anyone to participate despite location, investment experience, and financial status. IDOs also lower the cost by eliminating middlemen. However, IDOs are not without limitations. One of the major challenges is expensive participation. Even Though IDOs are open to everyone participating, the odds of getting allocated could be slim, especially if you make a small investment. Therefore, users need to retain a lot of launchpad tokens to make a significant investment to receive a decent return. This causes an entry to the barrier, which is against the cryptocurrency’s key principle of decentralization and fairness.

** A Solution through Gaming **

The gaming community is one of the most vibrant online communities globally. The arrival of web3 introduced liquidity into the gaming space, boosting its utility. Any sector would dream of tapping into the gaming industry due to its vibrant nature and high growth rate. Integrating gaming into IDO will revolutionize IDO in various ways. Firstly, it creates an entry to IDO investment for the gaming community. Gaming-enabled IDO allows gamers to transfer their gaming passion to IDO, making it easier for them to adapt to what would otherwise be an investment adventure. Additionally, gaming-enabled IDO breaks the barrier to entry into IDO investment due to cost. The ability to reinvest the rewards gamers collect into an IDO lowers the investment cost, making it possible for almost everyone. Bringing these numbers on board will significantly increase investors' size, making raising funds for new projects much easier and more democratic. Secondly, gaming adds value to IDO. Projects associated with gaming will enjoy more exposure and experience an increase in value.

** YearnTogether – Merging Gaming and IDO to Solve the Problem **

Yearn Together is the first IDO launchpad to integrate gaming into IDO. The launchpad creates a way for new projects to launch by allowing users to acquire the tokens through a gaming system. Instead of buying tokens at a set price, YearnTogether allows users to buy gaming tickets and stand a chance to win tokens and other rewards. The launchpad offers various game-play elements to meet the preferences of a varied group.

** Participate to Earn: ** This element rewards participation on the platform. Users need to purchase the newly acquired tickets using USDT to start earning. The reward is issued in YEARN tokens. Promote to Earn: This affiliate program allows users to earn a commission for promoting the offering to others. Affiliates share their referral links with their networks to earn up to 30% of the funds raised through referrals.

** Predict to Earn: ** The prediction game allows any user on the platform to predict the current draw winner and earn decent prizes of up to $10,000. Users can opt for premium prediction or free prediction. Perform to Earn: this gaming element rewards high performers/influencers on the platform. The program identifies the top 10 influencers/performers based on referrals and rewards them with YEARN tokens and a pool prize of up to $200,000.

** Pool to Earn: ** This unique gaming feature allows even small fund holders to participate in YearnTogether games by forming and joining pools. Pooling resources together allows users to purchase large numbers of passes, which increases their chances of winning. The winnings and bonuses of the group are divided according to the contribution to the pool.

YearnTogether also makes IDO fun and engaging. Instead of buying tokens directly in a conventional crypto investment, this project allows users to enjoy a gaming experience and receive decent rewards. Besides helping investors generate more income in a fun and engaging environment, YearnTogether helps those that want to launch their projects on a decentralized launchpad achieve fair and transparent token distribution for all participants. This boosts the trust and security of the project. Additionally, their project gets publicity and hype, which helps promote a new product.

** YearnTogether is a Community **

YearTogether creates an engaging, friendly, and symbiotic environment for all its stakeholders. It brings together innovative investors, influencers, affiliate marketers, and common people passionate about building innovative projects.

Wrapping Up

The blend of crowdfunding and IDO creates an environment that is highly beneficial for innovators and investors. This approach solves one of IDO's major challenges–the entry barrier – especially for the vibrant gaming industry. It also empowers innovators by offering them a larger audience of investors and publicity for their projects. Join the community today and be part of the revolution.

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