Daniel used to take a picture every single day and save it to his Snapchat memories. After a couple months he was disappointed that he couldn't export them easily. We knew there were already apps that did this, but we wanted something where our group of friends could all post to the same calendar

What it does

You can create groups and post photos in them daily to fill out your calendar. At the end of that process you export the photos. Ideally you have a group for many things you are involved with so at the end of the year it is like those yearbooks you used to get in High School.

How we built it

Tossed up a private repo. Used sketch to make Hi-Fi designs. Met with the android team to structure the database and then just started coding out our pages like the Hi-Fi designs looked.

Challenges we ran into

The cocoapod we are using to allow us to take pictures and select from the camera roll at the same time stopped allowing us to take pictures so you can only add from the camera roll with it. We plan to fix that as soon as finals are over.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can actually post pictures to groups and access them cross-platform

What we learned

Agile development processes were picked up very quickly when we didn't communicate things to each other. Structuring a database and focusing the vision of the app so that is could work well

What's next for YearBook

Fix all the bugs and make it access images in the database faster. We also want some kind of sexy export method of the photos, we were thinking of trying to partner with someone like snapfish to print posters or something.

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