Year After is a Dark Survival game dropping the player into a post apocalyptic world, fighting to stay alive as long as possible.

The zombies are inspired by british movies, this zombies are fairly intelligent, aggressive and fast.

The game has a full feature pickable system that spreads into several categories: Objects (might be usable or not aka props), lamps/lanterns, barricades, fire and melee weapons.

On the left side you have the move and pushback controls, the pushback button is useful to avoid getting hit by a zombie, fleeing or to clear a barricade spot for repairs, if you're tired this will only pushback 1-2 zombies instead of all of them.

On the right side you have the look and action controls, the action button is optional, all the actions can be trigger with touch gestures, for example you have full control over the melee weapon swing by sliding from side to side.

And finally the "aimer" which is activated while equipping a fire gun. it's my favorite control as you have full touch control over where you wanna shoot but still being affected by the recoil.

The main objective is stay alive as long as possible by tactically placing barricades and repairing them.

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