I have always been very interested in big data and have used it to even get a lot of my own jobs. When I saw this challenge I thought I could bring something to the table that does not already exist. The solution was simple yet required careful handleing of the data.

What it does

Its works by scraping through multiple different online sources and building a genealogy to then track down a person who you lack their information.

How I built it

It runs on facebooks graph api, whitepages and pipl. Each of the contribute their own parts of the data and act as forms of validation.

Challenges I ran into

My facebook account got banned for scraping.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Scraping facebook.

What I learned

Facebook does not like to be scraped.

What's next for YCDSMatcher

Probably a more intelligent facebook scraper that does not get banned as well as adding more validations. Maybe even bringing the product to YCDS themself.

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