Most hackathons now these days require you to be physically present at their venues in order to participate. But what if various issues like illness or travel expenses hold you back? Well, no fear! YC Hacks VR will change the hackathon game for you in a completely innovative way, virtual reality style. With the power of the Oculus Rift, anyone can replicate the environment of an actual hackathon, anywhere they go, in a collaborative coding and social environment.

Some of our hottest features include:

-Collaborative coding IDE's and text editors courtesy of

-Toggle between sitting at your screen with your code and walking around the venue to socialize with others

-Online chat with other hackers and mentors through Firebase's real-time chat system

-Lots of cool stuff to keep you entertained through your #STACKED experience, such as #HELLYEAHs (Dave Fontenot style of course), Nyan Cats, a variety of fun stickers, and much more!

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