Our team had the Magic Leap, so really did want to work on a field that was more of a practical approach. This led us into medicine and the drugs because it could be used by multiple audiences.

What it does

Our project is a framework of the brain, divided into Lobes. The user is given a number of drugs. For the simplicity of the project, we just created one Drug (Cocaine). Once the drug is in the simulation, it shows what lubes are affected by showing the lubes through flashes. High and fast flashes show how intense the drug is on that particular lobe while something slow would show it's an effect is quite less

How we built it

We used the Unity Game Development Engine and C#. In our last phase of testing, our AR headset, The Magic Leap, ran into technical issues. Therefore, we used the Android simulator and allowed users to work with the same framework but through their Android devices.

Challenges we ran into

The AR headset was quite hard to work with. Since the brand is quite new, documentation and API wasn't there so we had to really fiddle around with the project for a while.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of our new to C#, so we are happy we learned a new language and how to implement to Unity. The fact that the project has some features in the form of Augmented reality feature is something we are really proud of, especially with a short time span.

What we learned

C#, how to work in teams.

What's next for YBoD

We can see it as a flexible and robust system. We can use the same brain but stimulate and show brain surgery, internal bleeding demonstrations, and goto each specific part in the brain, and possibly track neurons for any research purpose.

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